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Our goal at Dentist Finder San Diego is to help you find the best dentist in San Diego to fit the dental needs of you and your family. Every dental office varies in every detail from personality to its use of advanced technology. At Dentist Finder San Diego we do more than just randomly find the closest dentist to you. Each month we interview a San Diego general dentist and a San Diego dental specialist so that you get to know their personalities as well as their philosophies and training.

Our advanced search capabilities allow you to narrow your search to exactly the type of dentist you are looking for. You can search for a new dentist by zip code, office type, dentist or office name, and even by procedure type. For example, are you looking for a cosmetic dentist with training in Invisalign and Sedation dentistry within 10 miles of your home? Not a problem. We'll even map the location for you! Continue Reading...

Our website is full of helpful dental information to help you learn more about dentistry and your oral health. In fact, do you have unanswered dental questions? Email us your questions and we'll have them quickly answered by a local San Diego dentist!

Regardless of why you are looking for a general dentist or specialist, Dentist Finder San Diego will help you find a San Diego dentist near you!


Dentist of the Month

Dr. Ramezani

Dr. Ramezani is this month's Dentist of the Month.

Dr. Ramezani

Dr. Ferdowsmakan is this month's Specialist of the Month.