Interview with Dr. Theresa Pham, DDS

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DF: Here is the question that must be asked of every dentist: Why did you want to become a dentist?

Dr. Pham: I was always interested in Dentistry. I remember for career day in 7th grade, I was a dentist and gave a report about the field. It wasn't until I was in college that I became more intrigued in this career. I shadowed and worked in a couple of different dental offices (Oral Maxillofacial Surgery, and Prosthodontics) and had great experiences.

DF: Please tell us a little bit about your personal and educational background.

Dr. Pham: I was born in Switzerland and moved to Southern California when I was 8 years old. I spent the rest of my childhood and high school years in Orange County. I graduated from UCSD with a General Biology major, and Visual Arts minor. I then spent 4 years in Ann Arbor, MI for dental school at the University of Michigan. After that, I moved to Boston and did a 1 year GPR (General Practice Residency) at Harvard/Cambridge Hospital.

DF: What are your interests outside of dentistry?

Dr. Pham: In my spare time, I enjoy snowboarding, trying to surf, kayaking, hiking, museums, traveling, and running, among other things. I have run 3 marathons so far.

DF: Do you think it is important for dentists to do residency programs?

Dr. Pham: I think it can help in that a dentist can get more experience during a residency program. I was able to see and do all sorts of different things, including being able to intubate patients and give a spinal while on my 1 month anesthesiology rotation. I was also able to get really comfortable with 3rd molar extractions.

DF: Did anyone inspire you in your career choices?

Dr. Pham: I would have to say that there are many people who have inspired me in my career choices: my parents, my dental mentors before and during dental school, my professors in dental school, and my friends.

DF: How would you describe the "Progressive Dental Arts" experience?

Dr. Pham: The experience would be homey in a state of the art atmosphere. We at Progressive Dental Arts try to make everyone feel as comfortable as possible. All of the employees are very kind and understanding. We have a lot of the state of the art equipment, including digital x-rays and intraoral cameras.

DF: What made you want to start your own practice and what is the most rewarding part of owning your own dental office?

Dr. Pham: I wanted to do things the right way and not feel rushed. I wanted to spend more time with my patients to get to know them and their families. The most rewarding parts of owning my own dental office are the patients and relationships that I have cultivated with each of my patients. It is great and rewarding to know that they trust you enough to tell you about their lives, and trials and tribulations.

DF: Do you ever get upset at patients when they aren't taking care of their teeth?

Dr. Pham: Yes, I want to instill in them that oral health is very important. Oral health can affect other aspects of your health, such as heart health, etc. I always make sure that my patients are brushing and flossing properly.

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